Middle Ear Polyp

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13 years ago

Case description

In this video we can see a true polyp which is arising from the middle ear mucosa. What we can see is also constant turbid mucoid discharge and signs of a tympanic membrane subtotal perforation. To ascertain the polyp’s base and stalk, if pedunculated type, the blunt probing can be carried out. It is better to avoid the polypectomy by avulsion because of possible ossicular injury. The probe revealed that the polyp is quite mobile which indicates that its narrow pedicle originates superiorly from malleus. To rule out the chronic mastoiditis as the cause of persisting ear discharge is important.[ green arrow-the facial nerve, blue interrupted circle-round window niche, yellow arrow-probable attachment of the polyp, oval blue-eustachian tube orifice, dotted red-the margin of the perforation]

tags: polyp perforation blunt probing ossicles

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