Laryngeal Cancer involving the left vocal fold and subglottis

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13 years ago

Case description

Uncontrolled or abnormal cell division which can metastasize to nearby (regional) and distal structures (via blood or lymphatic vessels) is called cancer. The affected organs are related to the presenting symptoms and signs. Involvement of larynx may cause a huge variety of symptoms - from change of voice (dysphonia), noisy breathing (stridor), neck lumps, lymph nodes enlargement, to loss of appetite and weight. The aetiology of this condition has not been strictly precised yet, but we know that chronic smoking and alcohol consumption increases a risk of laryngeal cancer. Left vocal fold and subglottis areas attacked by cancer are visualized. The tumor mass effect is a cause of hoarse voice - the vocald cord are not able to meet closely to each other. Histopathological diagnosis is required to confirm the change.

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