Removal of Pituitary Tumour via the Nose - Endoscopic Hypophysectomy

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6 years ago

Case description

Removal of a Pituitary Tumour via the nose using endoscope. Nose is the gateway to the skull base where the brain rests. Endoscopic Hypophysectomy is the removal of tumor of the pituitary gland with varied sizes called "microadenoma" or "macroadenoma" through the nose with help of nasal endoscope. The procedure is safe and has the least morbidity rate ensuring complete removal of the tumor. The endoscope provides better illumination and we can see all nooks and corners in the tumor bed. With more than 15 years of experience and extensive knowledge in Anterior Skull Base Surgeries, I have performed numerous Endoscopic Hypophysectomy procedure to remove pituitary tumour through the nose using endoscope. Analysis: The Patient recuperated well and was ambulated the following day with no postoperative complications or discomfort with dramatic improvement of her vision disturbances.

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