How to Apply Dressing After Shoulder Surgery | Shoulder Arthroscopy Post-Operative Dressing

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In this video, Brian Davis, PA for Dr. Peter Millett at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO demonstrates how to apply dressing after shoulder surgery. If you have undergone arthroscopic shoulder surgery, you will have a series of small portals. There will be one in the front, two on the side and one in the back. There may be a variation of these portal placements. If you undergo biceps tenodesis, you will have a small incision in your axilla. This incision, as well as your portals, will be closed inter-operatively with dissolvable sutures. However, the axilla suture will need to be trimmed at two weeks post-operative. All of the incisions will be secured with steri strips. The steri strips should stay on for two weeks. On post-operative day one, Dr. Millet's team will replace the surgical dressing with op-sites. You will be provided with a 10-14 day supply of op-sites. When applying the dressing, you will notice there is a number 1 and 2 on the op-site. Simply remove side 1 and place over as many portals as possible. Then, remove side 2, which leaves a flexible, water tight dressing. These should be changed every other day. At your two-week post-operative appointment, the steri strips over your portals should be removed. There are no sutures to be removed, they are absorbable. The biceps tenodesis incision will also be closed with absorbable sutures, but the ends will need to be trimmed. To do this, simply locate the ends of the suture (you may need to remove some steri strips to find these). The sutures look like clear fishing line material. To trim, simple pull the suture tight and cut at the level of the skin. The will be repeated at the other end of the incisions. The steri strips can also be removed at this time.

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