Laparoscopic Enterolysis Removal of Left Hydrosalpingx (Part 2)

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2 years ago

Case description

This surgery is in continuation with the previously up loaded surgery for hydrosalpingx. The second part Young patient nulliparous, came with continuing abdominal pain. There was no fever. She had past reports of cystic pelvic mass. She had past history of laparotomy, and failed entry in peritoneal cavity for removal of that mass. We has performed TVS USG, it revealed large hydrosalpingx. Uterus and other adnexal structures were normal. She had past history of pulmonary tuberculosis. Enodotip trocar was used for primary entry. Extensive enterolysis was required to reach pelvic cavity and the pathology. The surgery was performed using scissors and ultrasonic dissector. Left total salpingectomy was performed. As the patient did not receive complete course of anti TB therapy when she was diagnosed to be having pulmonary TB, she was prescribed this treatment again in the post operative period. The patient was pain free subsequently. There was no intraoperative complication.

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