Extraction of Fake Root Canal Treated Tooth | Broken File

4 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

 In this video i have shown the extraction of maxillary first premolar tooth which was treated by the root canal treatment a year ago by some dentist, but after the root canal treatment the patient is having the swelling on the same side which subsides and then recurrence again and again and causes the discomforts to the patient. The patient visits to our clinic and we did the clinical and radiographic examination by which we got to know that the root canal is not being properly done and their is also the small broken piece of file(metal instrument) which was left their during the root canal treatment. The tooth is extracted and the broken file is removed from the bone by the surgical procedure. Root canals are the highest successful procedures in the world but all it needs to be done by the professional dentists.

Chapters in this video. 00:00 Introduction 00:24 Removing faulty crowns 00:51 Pre-operative radiograph 01:02 Extraction of tooth 02:28 Removing broken file 02:51 Final radiograph 

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