Dental Indemnity vs Insurance 2023 - Which One is Best For You?

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3 months ago
Dental Surgery

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Do you know the difference between indemnity and insurance? Today we have Dr. Neel Jaiswal, founder of Professional Dental Indemnity (PDI), to shed light on these options.

Dr. Jaiswal's transparent advice aids in choosing between claims-occurrence and claims-made policies.

Request a quote from PDI: insurance - this is an affiliate link that supports the Protrusive channel.

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Highlights of this Episode:

00:00 Later in this Episode

00:40 Introduction

03:18 Dr. Neel Jaiswal Intro

07:38 Discretionary Cover from Indemnity Organisations

12:32 Why Indemnity Prices Keep Rising

15:28 Get a Quote to Save Thousands

16:35 Dental Insurance vs Indemnity

20:05 Claims Made vs Claims Occurred

24:01 Relay Race Analogy

28:01 Run Off Cover

30:37 Preventing Gaps in Your Cover

32:03 Importance of Retro Cover (moving from Claims Made to Claims Occurred)

35:04 Transitioning between the 2 types of policies

37:08 Which should you pick?

39:06 Products While You are Non-Clinical

40:59 Guidelines for Choosing Indemnifier or Insurance/Complaints Handling and Support

50:25 Get a Quote from PDI

51:25 OUTRO 

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