How to Pass a CQC Inspection

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3 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

Let's face it - CQC inspections can be scary stuff for principals and managers (and even associates!)

As per your request, I brought on a CQC Specialist Advisor, Dr Chita Davda to share her top tips to passing with flying colours.

We discussed the common things that CQC checks on a practice, common questions they ask, and some tips on how to pass the examination. The emphasis is on understanding that the CQC and dental professionals share the same core ethics. Inspections aren't about catching each other out but ensuring the best possible care for patients.

If you want to learn more about Dr Chita, you can check out her website uk

In the upcoming CPD event at The Shard, attendees will get a rare opportunity to hear from a lead inspector from the CQC. This provides a chance to debunk myths and understand common errors, offering clarity to dental professionals. If you want to be a part of this event, head over to shard

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