Restoration Of Carious Tooth | Root Canal Treatment

7 months ago

Case description

In this video i have shown the restoration of lower second molar tooth which is having the caries or decay in pits and fissures on the top surface(occlusal) and big carious spot on the front surface(buccal). This tooth is restored by the composite material and i have used the occlusal stamp technique to restore the natural form or carving. Even though the caries in this tooth does not extended to the pulp but still i have done the root canal in this tooth only for the reasons that you better understand what lies deep inside the tooth and what actually happens in the root canal treatment.

Contents In This Video: 00:00 Introduction. 00:10 Taking Pre-Operative Radiograph. 00:16 Making Occlusal Stamp To Replicate The Tooth Carving. 00:41 Local Anaesthesia. 00:48 Removing Tooth Caries. 01:45 Deroofing Pulp Chamber. 02:34 Rubber Dam For Isolation. 02:43 Removing Tooth Pulp. 02:55 Locating Root Canals. 03:02 Enlarging Root Canal Orifices. 03:22 Disinfecting Root Canals. 03:33 Measuring The Working Length Of All The Root Canals Using Apex Locater. 04:06 Bio Mechanical Preparation To Shape The Root Canals. 04:32 Cleaning Root Canals Using Ultrasonics. 04:49 Drying All The Root Canals. 05:18 Taking Working Length/Cone Fitting Radiograph. 05:31 Filling All The Root Canals With Gutta Percha. 06:03 Sealing Root Canal Orifices With Flowable Composites. 06:18 Applying Bond Agent. 06:34 Filling Pulp Chamber With The Flowable Composites. 06:48 Permanent Restoration With Composites. 07:02 Using Occlusal Stamp To Restore The Natural Carving. 07:33 Finishing And Polishing. 07:43 Before/After. 

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