Excision of Cardiac tumor

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11 years ago
Cardiac Surgery

Case description

Heart tumors are increadibly rare neoplasms. In 75% of cases they are benign tumors, like myxoma. More frequent but still uncommon are metastases to the heart. In the following video a case of 68 year old patient with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and peripherial edema is presented. His workup included transthoracic echo which revealed a myxoma in left atrium. Myxoma is a benign tumor consisting of primitive connective tissue. It is the most frequent primary tumor of the heart in adults, however it can also occur in other locations. Considering the heart, myxomas are typically located in atria, 86% occur in the left atrium. Usually, they are pedunculated with a stalk that is attached to the fossa ovalis in the interatrial septum. Heart catheterisation was negative for coronary arterial disease. The video details diagnostics and operative technique for left atrial myxoma resection. Presented by Arie Blitz, MD.

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