Haemostatic and Sealing Applications of TachoSil® in Cardiac Surgery: 1. Haemostasis in the Right Internal Thoracic Artery Collection Bed. 2. Sealing Anastomosis Line in the Aortic Arch Surgery, Prof. M. Deja

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2 months ago
Cardiac Surgery

Case description

This video shows two cases with surgical technique and tips and tricks to apply hemostasis & sealant patches in coronary artery disease reoperation as well as challenging anastomosis between arch prothesis and hybrid prothesis to achieve absolute tightness. 

tags: Cardiac Surgery cardiovascular surgery Bypass CABG aortic arch TAVI graft harvesting suture support Hemostasis sealing collagen matrix dual patch vessel anastomosis aortic aneurysm aortotomy diffuse bleeding secondary hemostasis ventricular cannulation chest wall repair ventriculat wall rupture iatrogenic lung injuries cardiac valve repair surgical technique surgical tips and tricks cvs video case

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