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Intraoperative Choroidal Hemorrhage

Jason Jones

This video demonstrates the occurrence of an intraoperative choroidal hemorrhage. Shallowing of the anterior chamber, egress of viscoelastic, prolapse of the iris and intense pain are all classic signs...

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Corneal Relaxing Incision Technique

Jason Jones

Corneal (or Limbal) Relaxing Incisions are an effective method to manage pre-existing corneal astigmatism. In this video I demonstrate my technique of relaxing incisions. Pre-operative keratometry assessment...

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Loose Zonules and Anterior Chamber (AC)...

Howard V Gimbel

Dr Gimbel demonstrates management of a very loose zonular case which could not be stabilized with a capsular tension ring. Anterior chamber IOL was implanted.

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Intraocular Miniature Telescope Lens

Howard V Gimbel

Dr Gimbel describes a recent case using the miniature telescope lens for macular degeneration

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Irrigation Aspiration

Howard V Gimbel

Live surgery narration by Dr Gimbel describing his technique for cortex clean up

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Suture Fixation Of Dislocated IOL Complex...

Howard V Gimbel

Dr. Gimbel presents fixation of dislocated IOL- bag complex through the fibrotic CCC.

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Optic Capture To Re-centre And Re-fix a...

Howard V Gimbel

Using optic capture, Dr Gimbel demonstrates repositioning and re-fixing an IOL that was dislocated and tilted leading to poor visual acuity and astigmatism.

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Intumescent Cataract

Howard V Gimbel

Dr.Gimbel demonstrates a phacoemulsification in intumescent cataract case.

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Secondary Scleral Fixated PCIOL With Iridoplasty

Jason Jones

This aphakic patient presented following removal of an anteriorly subluxed cataract. She had suffered an attack of acute angle closure many years prior, and, despite being treated with laser PIs, the...

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Phaco IOL With Iris Coloboma Repair

Jason Jones

This older patient was born with a congenital inferior iris coloboma. Cataract surgery was routine and the coloboma was restructured with an iridoplasty and suture approximation of the pupil. This patient...

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