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Crystalline Lens Luxation to the Anterior...


 Crystalline lens luxation to the anterior chamber and modified scleral suture fixation technique for foldable IOL with fenestrations in the proximal part of the haptics.

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Intraocular Injection Of Ranibizumab Therapy...

University of Iowa doctors describe their technique of intraocular injection of ranibizumab for the treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration.

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Ab Interno Scleral Sutured PC IOL

This video showes the technique for ab interno suturing of PC IOL. Video by Roger F. Steinert, MD.

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Double Vancomycin

Howard V Gimbel

Dr Gimbel shares his protocol for vancomycin prophylactic intracameral injection at end of cataract surgery.

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PCCC And Posterior Optic Capture In Pediatric...

Howard V Gimbel

This video showes PCCC and posterior optic capture in pediatric patient. In this case PCCC is beeing employed for the removal of the thickened fibrotic posterior capsule plaque. Video by Howard Gimbel,...

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Traumatic Hyphema - Anterior Chamber Washout

This video demonstrates anterior chamber washout for traumatic hyphema. Video by Bradford J. Shingleton, MD.

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Brunescent Cataract and Vision Blue

Howard V Gimbel

Dr Gimbel narrates a recent brunescent cataract case including the use of Vision Blue and Crater Divide and Conquer Nucleofractis under Topical Anesthesia

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Managing a Subluxated IOL- Bag Complex with...

Howard V Gimbel

A subluxated IOL-Bag complex is removed and replaced with an anterior chamber IOL. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD.

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Dense Brunescent Cataract

Howard V Gimbel

Techniques for removing a dense cataract. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD.

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Polar cataract

Howard V Gimbel

Managing a posterior polar cataract. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD.

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