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Brunescent Cataract and Vision Blue

Howard V Gimbel

Dr Gimbel narrates a recent brunescent cataract case including the use of Vision Blue and Crater Divide and Conquer Nucleofractis under Topical Anesthesia

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Managing a Subluxated IOL- Bag Complex with...

Howard V Gimbel

A subluxated IOL-Bag complex is removed and replaced with an anterior chamber IOL. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD.

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Dense Brunescent Cataract

Howard V Gimbel

Techniques for removing a dense cataract. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD.

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Polar cataract

Howard V Gimbel

Managing a posterior polar cataract. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD.

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Small pupil with Malyugin Ring

Howard V Gimbel

Pupil expansion with Malyugin ring. Video by Howard Gimbel, MD.

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Restor to Restor IOL Exchange

Jason Jones

To achieve the desired refractive outcome following cataract surgery, many options exist and an IOL exchange is a reasonable choice in many situations. This patient is 2 and 1/2 months post-op from the...

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High Myope Toric IOL

Jason Jones

Cataract extraction with placement of a T5 Toric IOL. Video by Jason Jones, MD.

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Rock Hard Cataract

Michael Colvard

Phacoemulsification of the dense cataract presents a challenge for even the most experienced cataract surgeons. This video discusses the special challenges of the rock hard cataract and provides a step...

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Oasis Pupil Expansion Ring

Jason Jones

Phaco with a small pupil from pseudoexfoliation is presented. A new device, the Oasis Pupil Expansion Ring, is employed to enlarge the pupil. Video by Jason Jones, MD.

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Various Applications of Capsulorhexis (#1...

Howard V Gimbel

Dr. Howard V. Gimbel shares various applications of CCC, two-staged CCC and PCCC.

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