Complex Cataract Surgery with Missing Zonule Surprise

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a month ago

Case description

This video case demonstrates a complex cataract with surprise of missing zonules found during the case. Techniques to avoid complications and achieve a stable IOL implant are demonstrated, discussed and include trypan staining, wire snare loop and capsule tension ring. Special attention is noted to maintain anterior chamber and capsular bag space to avoid vitreous prolapse via the missing zonules. This an unsponsored video. All products and opinions are those of the author. For educational purposes.

©2024 Dan Eisenberg MD, edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector 22, audio by Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th gen, TZ Stellar X2 Large microphone.  

tags: complex cataract surgery capsule tension ring cataract video case Zonule ophthalmology e-learning ophthalmology video case ophthalmology training ophthalmology education cataract technique IOL implant trypan staining wire snare loop capsular bag space vitreous prolapse missing zonule

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