Prone PCNL to Remove the Expired JJ Stent (View From Surgeon's Eyes)

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a year ago

Case description

We have a case of a 31-year-old female patient. She had a JJ stent inserted due to infectious nephrohydrosis in the right kidney during pregnancy (a 1-year JJ type), and it was expected that she would return for a check-up and to have the JJ stent removed after giving birth. However, due to the Covid outbreak and family issues, she did not return to have the JJ stent removed on time and instead returned nearly 2 years later. 

At this point, there were stones attached to both ends of the JJ stent. We treated the patient's urinary infection and performed an endoscopic surgery to remove the stones attached to the lower end of the JJ stent. Here is the case of the PCNL surgery to remove the stones attached to the top end of the JJ stent and to remove the expired JJ stent for her.   

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