Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Ureteropyeloplasty of Retrocaval Ureter

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4 months ago

Case description

Surgical urology video case: the male patient, 18 years old, was diagnosed with right ureteropelvic junction obstruction. He had no special medical history and only had dull aches in his right flank.The patient was operated at the children's hospital 8 months ago. The surgical report showed that the patient underwent the open surgery, the adhesive tissue was released, and ureteral anastomosis (Ureteroureterostomy) was performed.

After that surgery, he still had right hydronephrosis. Renal scintigraphy showed ureteral obstruction. CT scan suspected the right ureter to go posterior to the vena cava. We wondered why these weren't detected last time.

Since there was retroperitoneal scars, we decided to perform  the transperitoneal operation (usually we are more used to retroperitoneal surgeries).

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