Open Right Upper Lobectomy with Mediastinal Lymphadenectomy for Lung Cancer (NSLC)

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8 years ago
Thoracic Surgery

Case description

This operation is performed for peripheral cancer of upper lobe of right lung. Regarding , directly to the extent of the surgery the the standard radical operation for pulmonary cancer with mediastinal lymph node dissection 2F was performed. However, we have met remarkable rare anatomy and it gave us an impulse to make surgical film about it. Despite considerable experience in studying of surgical anatomy of the lung in terms of my own experience operating on cadavers and also the particular surgical experience, I have not saw such variant anatomy. In the upper lobe of the right lung venous blood was delivered by branched arterial network that was composed of 4 segmental vessels. Three of them, actually replaced the front trunk of the pulmonary artery. Also an additional branch to the second segment (A2) has been allocated in the interlobar fissure, which occurs frequently, about 75% of cases. The anterior pulmonary trunk was absent. One more interesting thing! We also met two equivalent upper lobe bronchi. They were the same caliber, so it would be wrong to call «additional» any of them. Several times I saw additional bronchus to right upper lobe from the trachea. If you see this video you will trust me that this situation different. Video by Ilya Gotsadze (M.D., Ph.D.).

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