tooth treatment planning

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Tooth Extraction And Dental Implant Placement...

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Tooth extraction and dental implant placement procedures have significantly advanced with the integration of laser technology in dentistry. Laser technology offers several benefits in both tooth extraction...

Shell Bone Block with Simultaneoulsy Dental Implants...

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The use of a shell bone block typically refers to a bone grafting technique in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This technique involves using a block of bone, often shaped like a shell, to augment or reconstruct...

Laser Technology in Conservative Dentistry

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Managment in esthetic zone. Tooth 11 with deep caries. Minimal invasive treatment, avoiding endodontic treatment, using YSGG laser for caries removal. After caries removal, i performed direct restorartion,...

E4D Anterior Crown Contours

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This is an ongoing case w/ 2 Anterior Crowns - I"m using Empress CAD blocks and show how we approach modification to crown contours "virtually". I can't believe how many grey hairs I have! Kids and residency.marriage...

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