rotator cuff tear

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Drop Arm Sign, Rotator Cuff Tear

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Drop arm sign is a sign of rotator cuff tear.

Rotator Cuff Tear Injury

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This video illustrates the shoulder rotator cuff muscles and associated tears and types of imaging for these injuries. Rotator cuff tears are a common source of shoulder pain. Tear of the rotator cuff...

Rotator Cuff Arthroscopic Repair

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This video illustrates how an all-arthroscopic repair of a large rotator cuff tear is performed. This is an outpatient procedure done with regional anesthesia and a pain pump catheter is used to optimize...

Rotator Cuff Tear: Diagnosis & Treatment

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Detailed explanation of diagnosis and treatment of rotator cuff tears. Accurate diagnosis of rotator cuff tears and interpretation of how they are affecting function and what treatment is needed, requires...

Intraoperatory And Postoperatory Rotator Cuff...

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The video illustrates an improvement before vs after surgical correction of rotator cuff.

Massive Rotator Cuff Injury And Arthropathy

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In the video we can see the patient suffering from massive rotator cuff injury together with arthropathy.

Muscle Atrophy And Rotator Cuff Tear

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The video is a case report of the patient suffering from massive rotator cuff injury together with atrophy of infraspinatus muscles.

Miniopen Technique In Rotator Cuff Tear Correction

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The video clip illustrates miniopen method of correction in a rotator cuff tear in case of 60-year old female.

Effect Of Rotator Cuff Correction After The Intervention

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The video illustrates effects after a surgery of rotator cuff impairment correction. The surgery brodened range of joint motion as well as patient generall feeling.

Pre- And Postoperative Outcome In Massive Rotator...

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The video shows the difference between range of motion in a large rotator cuff injury before and after surgery.

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