shoulder surgery

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Rotator Cuff Repair

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Rotator cuff repair, double row.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement with Matthew Beck,...

Specialty:  Orthopedics
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Matthew Beck, MD specializes in reverse shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Beck treats patients at Franciscan Orthopedic Associates at St. Anthony in Gig Harbor.

Shoulder Surgery - Humerus Fracture Repair

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Shoulder surgery & humerus fracture repair presented by Dr. Alejandro Badia. Four-part proximal humeral fractures require surgical intervention. However, they can be difficult to diagnose in radiological...

Intraoperatory And Postoperatory Rotator Cuff...

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The video illustrates an improvement before vs after surgical correction of rotator cuff.

Massive Rotator Cuff Injury And Arthropathy

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In the video we can see the patient suffering from massive rotator cuff injury together with arthropathy.

Miniopen Technique In Rotator Cuff Tear Correction

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The video clip illustrates miniopen method of correction in a rotator cuff tear in case of 60-year old female.

Reverse Shoulder Joint Correction In Chronic...

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In the video clip we can see a clinical case of the patient diagnosed with the arthropathy due to recurrent rotator trauma. The video clip contains clinical assessment, RT, MRI exam, CT reconstruction,...

Effect Of Rotator Cuff Correction After The Intervention

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The video illustrates effects after a surgery of rotator cuff impairment correction. The surgery brodened range of joint motion as well as patient generall feeling.

Pre- And Postoperative Outcome In Massive Rotator...

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The video shows the difference between range of motion in a large rotator cuff injury before and after surgery.

Pre- And Postoperative Perthes Deficiency Correction

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In the video clip we can see preoperative, postoperative and reconstructive resulrt of surgery of Perthes lesion.

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