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Evidence-based Exercises for Dental Professionals

Specialty:  Physiotherapy
views: 1305 comments: 0

Learn how to correct the painful muscle imbalances to which dental professionals are prone with an evidence-based exercise program developed specifically for team members! 

TMJ Exercises #1 - Jaw Pain Help - Teeth Grinding

Specialty:  Other
views: 2493 comments: 0

Stretch your clenching muscles, strengthen muscles that oppose clenching and exercise your tongue as you help your TMJ tracking improve. Best done in conjunction with care in our office using chiropractic...

Ergonomic Tips for Dentists: Neck & Shoulder...

Specialty:  Other
views: 1820 comments: 0

Tim Caruso, PT, MBA presents a series of seven ergonomic tips to alleviate pain common in the dental industry. These quick lessons will help ease muscle strain and prevent future injuries.

The Brandt-Daroff Exercise

UCD Medicine

Specialty:  Neurology
views: 11528 comments: 0

The film shows the Brandt-Daroff exercise which is one of several exercises intended to speed up the compensation process and end the symptoms of vertigo.

Disaster Exercise - Code Triage - Patient Evacuation...

Specialty:  Traumatology
views: 2589 comments: 0

Video shows report from exercises on patient evacuation in case of earthquake. Code triage is based on patient's health status assesment during evacuation caused by disaster affecting hospital. Video...

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