Post-operative Swallowing Video Endoscopy Assessment

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3 months ago

Case description

The video showcases a post-operative Swallowing Video Endoscopy assessment of a patient who underwent a CHEP type Partial Laryngectomy 45 days prior, due to a malignant neoplasm on the left vocal cord.

The primary objective of this examination is to evaluate the safety of removing the feeding tube and transitioning to oral feeding.

Visuals display the patient's throat interior, emphasizing the laryngeal region and the operated area. Throughout the examination, differently tinted food consistencies using blue dye are administered to assess swallowing:

Liquid Consistency:

3ml: Normal swallowing. 5ml: Brief pause observed during swallowing.10ml: Laryngeal penetration and aspiration noted.Thickened Consistency (similar to mousse):

3ml: Stasis in the left pyriform sinus.5ml and 10ml: Prolonged stasis with the need for 5-6 swallows to clear the food.The conclusion drawn from the video evaluation is that the removal of the feeding tube isn't recommended due to the patient's mild to moderate dysphagia. The decision leans towards a diet restricted to the thickened consistency, implementing swallowing maneuvers, pre-swallow coughing, and increasing the number of swallows to counteract the stasis. This approach is opted while awaiting the laryngeal edema reduction.

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