Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis - conjunctiva and the nasal cavity

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12 years ago

Case description

This particular case presents a patient with allergic conjunctivitis - clinical appearance of the conjunctive and nasal cavity is presented. The patophysiology of this disease consists of mucosal reactions due to allergic inflammations which occur simultaneously. itchiness and irritations, lacrimations, conjunctival suffusions, redness, and pronounce visible capillaries are most common ocular symptoms. Conjunctivitis also affects nasal cavity and causes: nasal itchiness, sneezing, mucosy rhinorrhea, and nasal blockage. Throat examination could reveal nodular and uneven pharyngeal surface due to scattered lymphoid hyperplasia caused by chronic exposure to allergenic materials and postnasal drip. Comprehensive managements capable to treat both conditions optimally as it responds well to maintenance therapy. Avoidance of suspected or known allergens is recommended for the patient.

tags: laryngology nasal cavity rhinitis allergy conjunctivitis

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