SLAC and SNAC Wrist Injuries

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Case description

Kashif Memon - SLAC (Scapholunate Advanced Collapse) and SNAC (Scaphoid Nonunion Advanced Collapse) are common post-traumatic wrist arthritis conditions.

- These conditions are characterized by radial-sided wrist pain and can be caused by trauma, inflammatory arthritis, or neuropathic conditions.

- The diseases progress through stages, starting from arthrosis between the radial styloid and scaphoid, and advancing to arthrosis of the radioscaphoid joint and radiocapitate joint.

- Treatment options vary based on the stage of the disease and include conservative management, wrist splinting, injections, denervation, radial styloidectomy, limited carpal fusion, and four-corner fusion.

- Symptomatic patients with scaphoid nonunion should be treated, while asymptomatic patients may be observed without treatment. Motion-preserving procedures can be considered for young individuals, but fusion is often the only option for pain relief.

This teaching video is specifically helpful for candidates preparing for the following Orthopaedic Exams : FRCS , European Board (FEBOT) , SICOT Diploma and Arabic Boards

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