Articulating Paper is Lying To Us – Measuring the Occlusion Digitally with Force and Time – PDP109

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a year ago

Case description

In this episode with Dr. Robert Kerstein we discussed the pitfalls of Articulating Paper and compare the data obtained with a T-scan

14:55 Traditional way of using articulating paper and its disadvantages

19:34 T-scan in terms of occlusal adjustment

24:53 T-scan in terms of differences in adaptive capacity

28:58 Importance of patient’s feedback

35:45 Treating patients with TMD through occlusal equilibration

41:20 Dentists’ concern about the thickness of the T-scan

46:50 Level of precision in diagnosing patients

54:18 Why does T-scan seldom mention on occlusal courses

Head over to for PDFs of different trials and studies that happened with the different evolutions of T-scan

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