Laparoscopy for Hug Bilateral Ovarian Endometrioma

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7 years ago

Case description

This video shows the laparoscopic strategy for the treatment of ovarian endometriosic cyst in the context of infertility. Indeed, recent studies show that the surgical aggression of the endometrioma is responsible for a more or less significant drop in the level of the antimulian hormone (AMH) reflection of the oocyte capital of the patient. In order to minimize this risk. The procedure will consist of; - An opening of the cystic mass on its point of adhesion with the posterior surface of the broad ligament (initial starting point of the cyst) and not on the antimesial face of the ovary. The non-use of electrical energy (mono or bipolar) A dissection step by step (millimeter) by divergent traction in the right dissection plane in order to preserve as much as possible the ovarian parenchyma - In case of voluminous cyst a monofilament overlock will allow the anatomical reconstruction of the ovary. This procedure is performed at the clinic the capital in rabat Morocco ( and directed by Dr. Moulay Nabil ( gynecologist in Rabat, Morocco.

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Anna Dryja

Anna Dryja


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