Dentistry is Killing us - Health is Wealth

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11 months ago
Global Health

Case description

In this episode with Dr. Rohan Verma, we talked about how we can recognize that something’s not working for our health - and what steps we can take to improve our health.

Dr Rohan Verma - Dentist and Online Fitness Coach:

Highlights of this episode:

1:51 Dr. Rohan Verma’s Introduction

3:46 Mental Health Awareness

6:39 Biggest mistakes dentists are making with their health 

11:09 Posture Issues

14:50 The significance of sleep

16:52 Importance of setting a routine for better health improvement

24:16 Working out routine

29:09 Dr. Rohan’s stand on different kinds of diet

31:29 The benefit of calorie counting

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