WS 20 - G7: New Presidency - New Initiative?

2 years ago
Global Health

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In the declarations of the “G-formats”, member states have shown a tendency to come up with new initiatives tackling (among others) issues related to global health outside of the UN system, such as the Muskoka Initiative on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in 2010, the Global AMR Research and Development Hub in 2017, the Primary Health Care Universal Knowledge Initiative in 2019. We want to address the question: Whether setting up new commitments in these formats is the right way to go and what difference the G7 can make by tackling issues other forums cannot address the same way? With the World Health Summit scheduled before Germany takes over the G7 presidency in 2022, it offers the opportunity to reflect on lessons learned of previous presidencies and maybe walk off the beaten track regarding commitments. Therefore, we want to take stock and discuss the following questions: What are the advantages of new initiatives and how can they be an efficient way to tackle global health challenges? How can accountability and sustainability of G7 commitments be ensured? How does Germany want to shape policy outcomes of these forums in a sustainable way? Building on that, what are concrete next steps for the G7 to take on the world’s current health challenges and prepare for the ones to come?

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