WS 16 - Launch and Discussion of the Report of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board

2 years ago
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In this session the GPMB co-chairs will launch the 2021 Report of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, presenting its key findings and calls for action. In its 2019 report, "A World at Risk", the GPMB warned of the very real threat of a rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen. It stressed the inadequacy of systems and financing required to detect and respond to health emergencies and the need for determined political leadership at national and global levels to prepare against this threat. The 2020 GPMB report, "A World in Disorder", examined the collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting responsible leadership and citizenship, as well as the adequacy of systems and resources, as key factors for success. It put a special emphasis on the factor that binds these four elements together into an effective whole: the principles and values of governance that ensure the right choices, decisions and actions are taken at the right time. It pointed out that none are safe until all are safe and called for a renewed commitment to multilateralisms and WHO. This year the GPMB examines the multisectoral-multistakeholder-multilateral ecosystem for health emergency preparedness and response, and building on the recommendations of recent review bodies calls for urgent action to ensure a more coherent, equitable and effective response to future health emergencies.

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