PD 27 - Unlocking Digital and AI Technologies for Health

a year ago
Global Health

Case description

As we have seen with financial payments and credit, the digital transformation of the health sector can be key to including the poorest and the most vulnerable into inclusive, affordable national health systems, and thereby boosting global progress towards universal health coverage as agreed in the sustainable development goals. However, globally, the health sector is lagging behind other sectors on digitalization with large differences in digital health maturity across countries, sub-regions and populations. The potential of digital technologies, data and artificial intelligence (AI) to help solve complex health problems remains underappreciated. Data remains fragmented and locked up in silos; digital health 'solutions' remain narrowly focused. How can we align investments, cross-domain talent as well as well-governed, intereoperable data infrastructures to unlock this potential? In doing so, how do we avoid creating new health inequities and better engage young talent from emerging geographies of innovation? Can a few 'moonshots' or pathfinders catalyse investments and collaboration in digital health? 

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