Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Technically What Is Wrong?

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4 months ago

Case description

Surgical case description: 41 year old male presented with heart burn, abdominal bloating for 10 years and on PPI. per abdomen examination normal. OGD shows type 1 hiatus hernia with esophagitis. The patient underwent Laparoscopic Cruroplasty with Nissen fundoplication. Following the surgery on POD 1 patient was started on liquids, but he developed complete esophageal dysphasia. So further evaluated him with barium swallow and OGD. Then planned to go head with undoing of wrap on POD 3. Following the revision surgery the patient recovered well, tolerated liquids.  

The surgery was performed by Prof. Dr P K REDDY. Video edited and uploaded by Dr Vijay N, Fellow in Minimal Access Surgery, Apollo Hospital, Chennai, INDIA.

tags: gerd esophagitis cruroplasty nissen fundoplication dysphagia Undoing of wrap laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication laparoscopy technique laparoscopic video case Laparoscopic Cruroplasty surgical training surgical e-learning

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