4 Ways to Boost Osseointegration of Your Implants!

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3 months ago
Implant Dentistry

Case description

Maximise the osseointegration of your implants and uncover the intricate relationship between the skeletal system and the immune system (known as osteoimmunology) and its impact on implant success.

We speak with Dr. Pav Khaira, a total implant nerd, who shares 4 of his top tips for maximising osseointegration:

Biological ageing: discover the time-sensitive nature of implant bioreactivity and its impact on integration (and how to improve the bio-reactivity of your implants).

Mastering the osteotomy: fine-tune your skills in shaping the osteotomy based on bone quality and type

Disinfection: explore disinfection techniques of the osteotomy. Systemic factors: optimise early-stage healing and understand long-term immunological balance.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00 Intro

01:19 The Protrusive Dental Pearl

03:11 Dr. Pavandeep Khaira

04:29 What is osseointegration?

05:04 Osteoimmunology

07:39 Early-stage failure

09:52 Success and survival rates

12:33 Biological ageing

15:45 Decarbonisation for Implants

21:18 Bone density

24:10 Overheating the bone

27:16 Disinfecting the osteotomy

29:21 Systemic factors

33:03 Superosseointegration

36:58 Outro 

Don’t miss an upcoming exclusive live event on “Superosseointegration”, hosted by @Dr.Pav.Khaira on 15th and 16th September 2023 in London – https://academyofimplantexcellence. com. DM Dr Pav: / dr.pav.khaira

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