An Idiot's Guide to Restoring Single Implant Crowns Part 2

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3 months ago
Implant Dentistry

Case description

Leading on from the previous episode that focussed on case assessment to impression taking/digital scanning, we now cover the step-by-step protocol for fitting the implant crown, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Download the Infographic Summary: idiot.

Dr. Patel's got your back (or should we say teeth?) every step of the way! Check out his social media platforms for further information about his upcoming implant restoration course:

Highlights of the episode:

01:12 Restoring Implant Crowns Infographic

02:03 Recap Part 1

03:45 Inspecting the labwork

05:52 Assessing the occlusion

06:22 Keeping the implant clean during the fit appointment

07:21 Anaesthetic Prior to Implant Crown Try-In?

08:20 Screwing in the crown

11:13 Occlusion and guidance

17:18 Temporarily restoring the access hole

18:33 Review

19:49 Definitive torque and sealing the access hole

25:46 Yearly review of Implant Crown

27:18 Radiographs

29:21 Excessive blanching when fitting crown

31:21 High occlusion management

32:06 Open contact points for implant crowns

34:43 Other implantologists’ work

38:29 Angulated screw channels

43:24 Loose implant crowns

45:52 Implant passports

46:57 Adjusting the occlusion

48:24 Dr. Devang Patel

51:13 Outro

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