5 Things I Do Differently 10 Years after Dental School

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5 months ago

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There are five things I want to share with you that I do differently now compared to what I was taught in dental school. Dental school is great for laying the foundation, but real-world experience and continuous learning have taught me valuable lessons that have transformed my approach.

1 - Sectioning and Elevating - I routinely section and elevate multi-rooted teeth which simplifies complex extractions and preserves buccal bone for better patient outcomes. This is a skill I had to learn and develop post graduation.

2 - Using air abrasion to aid with plaque removal which has benefits for adhesive dentistry and beyond, like cement removal and bonding zirconia. I cannot imagine practicing without air abrasion!

3 - I use a 'wedge guard' during proximal drilling to prevent scratching adjacent teeth, ensuring precise breaking of the contact without causing iatrogenic damage. I know that for many new grads, breaking contact can be stressful and the mission to prevent iatrogenic damage means overly tapered and aggressive preps. The simple use of a wedge-guard has really helped me overcome this.

4 - Onlays! I seldom prepare for full crowns anymore, instead opting for onlays where possible which preserve tooth structure and provide a scientific and artistic challenge in contemporary adhesive dentistry.

5 - Vertical Preparations - when I do require a crown and the tooth is not suitable for adhesive dentistry (poor quality and quantity of enamel, deep subgingival margins) then using 'vertipreps' as been a game changer.

Overall, these changes have added value to my practice and improved patient outcomes. Remember, clinical Dentistry is a journey of constant growth. Stay curious and keep evolving - whilst still respecting the best available evidence.

Highlights of this episode:

0:24 Dental school inexperience

1:04 Section and Elevating for Extractions 

4:02 Air abrasion for Biofilm removal

6:27 Wedge Guard - prevent iatrogenic damage!

9:39 Onlay preparations

11:39 Vertical preparations

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