Class 1 Composite Restoration: How to | Simple Vs Fancy Technique

6 months ago

Case description

Join us in this tutorial as we delve into the world of Class One Composite Fillings with renowned dentist Dr Lincoln Harris. In this video, he will walk us through the two methods of doing Class One Composite Fillings: simple and fancy. The simple technique is best for those under a basic fee structure, while the fancy design is for those with the luxury of time to be more meticulous. Dr Harris will share tips and tricks on how to do air abrasion for cleaning off all margins, using a self-etching bonding agent called AC Bond and reinforcing the bonding agent with flushable material in the base of the cavity. He will also demonstrate how to build one cusp at a time for a more fancy design and how to use a little bit of stain in the pits of the middle fissures to achieve light staining for a perfect three-dimensional shape. 

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