Old Fillings And Decay Near A Crack (Class II Resin Filling Replacement)

2 years ago

Case description

In this video we replace an old resin filling with a new one. We also explore a crack inside the tooth, which has led to decay. We go through the full process of filling removal and decay removal, to then placing a new filling, including: micro etch, etch, priming, bond, light cure, incremental resin placement, finishing and polishing protocols. It is a useful video for patients to see what happens, but also for those who want to learn to place a resin filling, the right way.

Chapters: 0:00 The problem and the plan 0:20 Removal of old fillings 0:36 Chasing the crack 2:16 Removal of decay under fillings and crack 3:22 Occlusal bevel 3:43 Finished cavity preparation 3:47 Sectional matrix placement 4:08 Wedge modification 4:23 Placement of the wedge 4:40 Place V ring 4:45 Ball burnisher for a better contact 4:48 Microetch 4:54 Selective etch 5:12 Microprime 5:23 Primer 5:33 Bond 5:47 Light cure 5:51 Placing the resin, full protocol 7:30 Removal of sectional matrix 7:51 Full cure 8:01 Removal of flash and bond with ultrasonic scaler 8:14 Shaping of the resin 9:33 Removal of rubber dam 9:39 Checking occlusion 10:14 Polishing the resin 10:23 Floss test 10:28 Final check 10:36 Before/During/After 10:51 Outro 

tags: conservative dentistry secondary caries caries tooth decay old filling crack Restoration composite

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