Biomimetic Dental Course | Lesson 7: Immediate Dentin Sealing

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Lesson 7 of Biomimetic Dental Course covers the important concept of Immediate dentin sealing to achieve strong, reliable bonds.

One of the most remarkable properties of natural teeth is the extremely strong adhesion that joins the outer Enamel shell and the underlying dentin core. Most people don't realize that these layers are formed independently during development. They are joined by a biological bond known as the Dentin-Enamel Junction ("DEJ). Nature's biological bond is extremely strong, and this bond is essential for the normal function and success of natural teeth. This strong adhesion allows Enamel and Dentin to function as one combined structure with a combination of properties best adapted to minimize cracks, fractures, wear, and pain.  Most Dentistry does NOT mimic this Strong Adhesion Most fillings, inlays, Onlays and crowns are NOT cemented or bonded to the tooth strongly. Reasons for this include simpler/quicker procedures, inadequate moisture control/isolation during the procedure, and a general lack of understanding of the science behind maximizing adhesion. Weaker adhesion may be "good enough" to work in some situations, but usually, this means more removal of healthy tooth structure and a higher chance of failures and complications throughout the life of the tooth. Strong adhesion is an essential component of what makes Biomimetic Restored teeth function like permanent teeth and minimize complications such as sensitivity, pain, fracture, recurrent decay, leakage, and root canals.

IMMEDIATE DENTIN SEALINGIn order to get a very strong bond, we have to use the right materials and apply the right techniques. Adhesion is a process that goes beyond what the eyes can see. With the optimal technique, the adhesion of dental restorations to teeth can mimic the strong biological bond function of the DEJ, allowing for extremely enhanced function and success. This video will demonstrate the step-by-step application for applying the immediate dentin sealing technique. This is how we get very strong, reliable bonds to dentin.  

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