Biomimetic Dental Course| Lesson 3: Preventing Root Canals

2 years ago

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Lesson 3 dr Matt Nejad's Biomimetic Dental Course covers how the biomimetic approach can help patients avoid root canals.

WHAT IS A ROOT CANAL? A root canal means removing the nerve and pulp from inside the tooth, disinfecting the roots, and placing a filling material into the root "canals". This process is avoidable, but when the pulp becomes badly inflamed, it will lead to pressure and pain and ultimately need a root canal or alternatively an extraction. The important point is that most, but not all, root canals are preventable if the teeth are maintained and problems are addressed before it is too late.

BIOMIMETIC DENTISTRY CAN AVOID OVER 90% of ROOT CANALS by saving more tooth structure, preserving more of the tooth, and using protocols to treat cavities. This video covers some of the major ways Biomimetic Dentistry can avoid root canals, including:

1) Preserving the healthy portions of your teeth

2) Precise cavity removal

3) Avoiding pulp exposures

4) Sealing the tooth

5) Restoring the strength and structure of the tooth adequately

6) Protecting the tooth from future pain, sensitivity, and recurrent cavities 

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