Varicose Veins - Youssef's Concept 3

4 months ago
Vascular Surgery

Case description

Youssef proposed that Ice packs and heating pads can be applied to veins. Ice packs and heating pads can be used in an alternating manner. Treating ''Varicose Veins'' Ice and cold temperatures cause blood vessels and veins to shrink, which can bring down swelling. Furthermore, cold pushes blood back toward the heart. So, ice and cold have the opposite effect of heat and can relieve varicose vein discomfort.As extreme heat above 35 degrees Celsius and varicose veins do not come together. Heat has a dilating effect on the veins, making them expand and fill with more blood. Therefore, in the treatment method, the temperature ranges between 28 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius for a specific time of a few minutes. 

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