Laith  Barnouti

Laith Barnouti

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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr Barnouti, a leading Sydney Plastic Surgeon specialises in cosmetic surgery that emphasis on producing natural beauty of the face, Breast and Body. Dr Barnouti has over thirteen years of surgical experience were he performed over several Thousands of surgical procedures, making renowned Dr Barnouti extremely experienced in the field of cosmetic surgery. He recognised for his media and literature contribution. He dedicated himself to the highest standards of the art of plastic surgery, but never forgets the human element. The goal of a plastic surgeon is to improve a patient's self image, and he takes that responsibility very seriously.

He attributes his success to four factors: first, the emphasis on short scar, second, his ability to form an understanding of the patient's needs and desires and accomplishing them, third, keeping abreast of all the latest cosmetic procedures performed around the world and adding those he deems meritorious to his own practice; fourth, adhering to safety.

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