Use of Quill® Barbed Suture in Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy by Prof. Musi, Dr Luzzago and Prof. De Cobelli IEO Milan

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3 months ago

Case description

RARD using Quill bi - and unidirectional barbed sutures to perform Santorini Plexus, posterior reconstruction and UVA in an asymptomatic 63-years old man, with no previous history of abdominal surgery, who was diagnosed with cancer in the right part of the prostate. The surgeon recommends routine use of barbed suture to for this procedure, justified by the benefits observed on easy Santorini Plexus closure, surgery time reduction and less traction on the urethra and the bladder neck. 

tags: urethra barbs barbed suture barbed prostate cancer bladder neck posterior reconstruction anastomosis UVA Santorini plexus bidirectional unidirectional va prostatectomy robotic prostatectomy corza medical surgical technique MIS surgery rarp Stefano Luzzago urology video case robotic surgery video Ottavio De Cobelli

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