wound closure

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TKA: 3 Layer Closure Using Quill Barbed Suture...

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Standard 3-layer closure for a typical knee arthroplasty wound, utilising the Quill barb suture technique. 

Posterior Incision Closure Following Scoliosis...

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In this video Dr Erickson shows how he utilises Quill bidiectional barbed suture to close all 3 layers after a scoliosis surgery.

Tissue Closure of a Uni-compartmental Knee Arthroplasty...

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Following completion of a mobile bearing partial knee arthroplasty, Quill barbed suture technique is used to approximate the tissue in all 3 layers. 

Tissue Closure in Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty...

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Upon completion of a less invasive or minimally invasive primary total knee arthoplasty, Quill barbed sutures are used to close all 3 layers, starting at the corner of the vastus medialis obliquus.

Tissue Approximation of a Cadaver Knee by Dr...

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Tissue approximation of a cadaver knee using bidirectional Quill barbed sutuer technique. 

Tissue Closure of a Knee Arthoplasty by Dr Della...

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Video case: tissue closure of knee arthoplasty. In this knee artriplasty procedure, dr Della Valle is closing the wound using Quill barbed sutures. 

THA: 3 Layer Closure Using Quill Barbed Suture

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This video is based on the technique of Dr. Jonathan Danoff, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in primary and complex joint reconstruction surgery. After THA, he explains his closure tenchique using...

Mastopexy - Peri-areolar Closure

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Surgical video case: plastic surgeon Dr. Jesper Berghdal explains his use of Quill barbed suture to close an inverted C mastopexy.  

Closure in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty via...

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Video case: following completion of a mobile bearing partial knee arthroplasty, Dr Keith Berend uses Quill barbed suture for his closure. Watch and listen as he walks through his suture technique with...

Perio-aeriolar Purse String Technique

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In this video, plastic surgeon Dr Allen Rosen demonstrates the use of Quill Barbed Suture in a Perioaerolar Closure using the Purse-string technique. 

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