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Ergonomics and Dentist Chair Positioning - Why...

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This video demonstrates the importance of dental ergonomy. The moment you start correcting this your whole movement, your body posture, and your work start to get so much better.

How to Select Loupes that Will Prevent Neck Pain

Specialty:  Physiotherapy
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Dr. Valachi shares the secrets to selecting truly ergonomic dental loupes that will prevent neck health...not worsen it! 

Ergonomic Tips For Dentists: Hip, Thigh, Ankle...

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Tim Caruso, PT, MBA presents a series of seven ergonomic tips to alleviate pain common in the dental industry. These quick lessons will help ease muscle strain and prevent future injuries.

Optimising use of Electric Handpieces

Specialty:  Students
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This video demonstrates important differences in the use of air-driven turbine handpieces and electric motor driven handpieces.

Master Class of Mistakes and Errors in Minimal...

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This video is Master Class of Mistakes and Errors in Minimal Access Surgery.