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More than Skin Deep: The Life of a Dermatologist


Specialty:  Students
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Are you interested in treating the skin, hair and nails? Dermatology shadowing gives you the chance to take a closer look at this profession, and learn from one of its best practitioners. Visit

Dermatological Examination

Specialty:  Students
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This video shows main points of the dermatological physical examination.

Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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In the video at the beginning there are reminded descriptive terms and various morphologies of skin lesions. Then speaker continuous with discussing some key organ systems and skin findings that may occur...

Melanoma - Overview (signs and symptoms, pathology,...

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In this video we're going to look at melanoma. This is an overview of melanoma and introduction. Melanoma is a cancer of the skin. Instagram:

The Skin Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology

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This video shows anatomy, physiology and microbiology of the skin. Video by Armando Hasudungan.

Lesion Terminology

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Explanation of the skin lesion terminology. Video by Armando Hasudungan

Overview of Face Botox Injections

Specialty:  Aesthetic medicine
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Brief overview of Face Botox injections presented by Sandy Johnson M.D.

Biologics in Psoriaris

Specialty:  Dermatology
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This video reviews current biologic agents FDA-approved for moderate-to-severe psoriasis disease. Presented by The w Dr. Anthony Fernandez, of Cleveland Clinic.

Mechanism of Inflammatory Process in Psoriasis

Specialty:  Dermatology
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This 3D medical animation demonstrates a detailed explanation of the inflammatory process as it applies to psoriasis. Psoriasis is a debilitating disease affecting more than six million Americans. Once...

Histopathology Skin - Lamellar Ichthyosis

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MD John R. Minarcik presents histopathological image of lamellar ichthyosis, rare congenital skin disorder.

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