biceps muscle

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Musculocutaneous Nerve: Anatomy, Function, and...

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This medical video provides an overview of the musculocutaneous nerve, its anatomy, function, and potential injuries related to the biceps muscle. You will learn about the pathway of the musculocutaneous...

Common Problems of the Biceps Tendon

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In this video there is presented an overview of common problems of the biceps tendon. At the beginning there is revision of biceps anatomy with its innervation and function. Conditions affecting the biceps...

Popeye Syndrom-Interruption of Biceps Muscle...

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In the video we can see Popeey sign due to biceps muscle sinew interruption.

Tenodesis Intervention Due To After Surgery Disruption

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In the video we can see Biceps muscle tenodesis due to disruption after the surgery.