The New Rules of Indirect Restorations

9 months ago

Case description

Given the advent of digital dentistry, high-tech materials and updated techniques, the game has changed when it comes to the indirect restorative procedure for both the dentist and the dental lab — and the communication that takes place between each. Join Dr. Sam Simos, an implant, restorative and cosmetic dentist, for a discussion regarding current indirect restorative strategies and methods related to impression techniques, including intraoral scanning, retraction strategies, adhesives and bonding strategies. Participants will learn step-by-step workflows for achieving consistent indirect restorative results, along with: • Preparation strategies to help you attain incredible subgingival impressions, whether you are using traditional analog impression materials or the newest intraoral scanning technology • How to retract successfully with or without retraction cord • The latest adhesives and what clinical situations they will work — and what clinical situations you will need to change your bonding strategies • Bonding techniques for Zirconia versus Lithium Disilicate and why you need to think about these substrates differently 

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