Chrome Partial Dentures Guide - The Scandinavian Way

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a year ago

Case description

Dr. Finlay Sutton clarifies the philosophy behind Scandinavian Chrome Dentures. He also explains what each appointment entails to help those earlier in their career.  

Download the cheat sheet:

Highlights of this episode:

2:15 Denture Design Sheet

4:05 Dr. Finlay Sutton’s Introduction to Partial Dentures

6:31 The Scandinavian Partial Dentures vs Conventional Designs

11:24 Scandinavian approach for Chromework

12:56 Acrylic-based Partial Dentures

18:04 Indications for Chrome Palate/base on Complete Dentures

21:17 Acrylic dentures with a wire mesh inside?

22:49 Cast Partial Dentures Protocol - Appointment by Appointment

32:13 Patient Review Appointments

34:39 Average treatment fees

Join us for The Scandinavian Approach to Partial Dentures with Dr. Finlay Sutton in Reading, UK on the 13th of January or the 14th of January. Secure your slots here:

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