Shell Temporary Crowns with Basil Mizrahi

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10 months ago

Case description

Dr. Basil Mizrahi teaches us the indications and technique for Shell Crowns, how to reline them and to remarginate them, plus all the nuances of working with Shell crowns in fixed prosthodontics.

4:01 Preventing Bisacryl Temporary Crowns from cracking

11:17 Traditional Bisacryl Temporary Crowns

13:12 What is a Shell Crown?

14:42 Technician role in creating Shell Crowns

19:20 Acrylic Shells vs Bis-acryl Temporaries

21:07 Relining Shell Crowns Procedure

23:28 Can you use Bisacryl to reline an Acrylic Shell?

24:13 Relining Acrylic Shell with Fresh Acrylic

34:49 Use of Vaseline for Shell Crowns?

37:41 ‘Fit Checker’ for shell crowns

38:35 Anterior vs Posterior Shell Crowns

39:33 Shell Crowns vs Lab Made Acrylic Crowns

42:01 Shade Decisions in Relining the Shells

43:27 How to Remove Shell crowns

45:14 Polishing after Relining

46:03 Multiple Shells at Increased OVD 

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