Patellar Fractures - Everything You Need To Know

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Educational animated video describes patellar fractures, its types, and fixation. Movement of the patella across the knee is normally a gliding, smoot movement.
A patellar fracture is an injury to the kneecap. These fractures are commonly caused by a direct blow to the kneecap or from a fall.

Patellar fracture types:
1.Transverse fracture: fracture can be non-displaced or displaced.
2.Upper or lower pole fracture: fracture at the site of attachment of the patellar tendon.
3.Comminuted fracture: multiple pieces. Fracture can be non-displaced or displaced. This fracture type shatters into three or more pieces and is very unstable.
4.Vertical fracture: fracture is nondisplaced and stable. The fracture fragments usually stay in place during healing.
5.Osteochondral fracture of the patella usually associated with acute dislocation of the patella. Osteochondral fractures are located in the facet area of the patella.

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