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3 months ago

Case description

Ever heard of fremitus? Wondering what it really means for your patient's occlusion? In this episode we're joined again by Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim, by popular demand, for an insightful discussion on dental fremitus.

We understand that this topic can be a bit perplexing, so we're here to break it down step by step. We share how we seamlessly integrate a fremitus check into an occlusal assessment, discussing the crucial aspects of when and how to intervene effectively, all while preserving your patient’s chewing space.

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'Weakest Link' study that Jaz and Mahmoud referred to: /doi/abs/1...

The Awake Bruxism (habit-breaking) appliance that Jaz uses called MAPA.

More about Fremitus, how it's classified and occlusal trauma. https://intechopen. com/chapters/82938

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Highlights of the episode:

00:39 The Protrusive Dental Pearl

04:17 Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim

05:17 Mobility vs fremitus

08:26 What is fremitus?

09:52 The PDL

12:54 The weakest link theory

16:21 Checking for fremitus

17:19 Class 1 fremitus

21:57 Class 2 and 3 fremitus

23:03 Treatment

27:24 Envelope of function

29:21 Orthodontic treatment

36:34 Final remarks

39:44 Outro

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