Tractional Retinal Detachment in Diabetic Retinopathy

2 years ago

Case description

The video shows Tractional Retinal Detachment with proliferations and extensive subretinal viscous fluid. 25 gauge vitrectomy was carried out. Gradually different attachments of the proliferations to the vitreous scaffold were segregated and segmented. Ultra fine cutters allow the tip of the cutter to insinuate between some of the adherent membranes and underlying retina. Partly the adhesions were segmented with the cutter and intraocular forceps was used to gradually dissect a part of the adherent membrane overlying the detached retina. A small round break opened up inferior to the disc which actually allowed the viscous fluid to come out and retina to eventually flatten. All the bleeders were diathermised and then after air fluid exchange and endo drainage through that break a 360 PRP endolaser was carried out | Dr Manish Nagpal | Retina Foundation | The video by Dr Manish Nagpal.

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